June 16th and 17th, 2022

Live event in Rochester, NY

**$995 is the early bird pricing which goes through 5/15/22. The price will increase to $1,295 on 5/16/22**



Enlightened Entrepreneurship

In this symposium, you will learn and discover;

  • Assess your leadership level, and discover the hidden weaknesses undermining your personal and professional life
  • Practice mental disciplines that increase awareness and enhance self-mastery 
  • Learn how to nourish yourself to optimize your thoughts and balance your emotions, resulting in enhanced physical health.
  • Discover the three different time-lines humans operate in, and learn to access the highest one to activate your fullest possibility as a person and a leader.
  • Learn how to integrate specific energy rituals into your everyday business life to recapture  time, produce more value and earn more money in less time.