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Steve D'Annunzio, CPCPresident

Steve D'Annunzio is an author and co-creator of many books, businesses and artistic projects—all with the common theme of alleviating human suffering and improving the welfare of humanity.

He is the founder and owner of Mission-Driven Advisor, which works exclusively with CEOS of money management firms to help them identify their higher purpose beyond just the profit motive, and Soul Purpose Institute, which teaches students how to discover their life’s purpose and evolve their product or service offering into a business that is powerful, purposeful and profitable.

Over the years, he has been a productivity trainer and life success coach to many Fortune 100 executives, professional athletes and other business leaders. His philosophy teaches a new model of transformation called Conscious Capitalism, which helps entrepreneurs understand their value—turning potential into production. This God-given utility is each student’s “Soul Purpose” and the foundation on which his coaching is built.

Steve considers his greatest accomplishment to be bringing three fantastic, high-functioning people into this world in Jenna, Colin and Alicia. He was recently knighted by the Order of St. John for the work he has done in service to humanity. Steve is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, which is an international thinktank for love-driven leaders. He and family reside in Rochester, NY.

“I have been working with Steve for a little over a year and my experience with him has been truly transformational. We have explored to great depths my personal life, business life, and all the domains those two areas encompass. I have awakened to who I really am and am aware of how I move in the universe. Every aspect of my life has been enriched by my work with Steve and our journey continues to ignite my soul. My relationships with friends and family are more engaging; interactions with my company's staff are more productive; and the results of client conversations have been more profitable. In fact, my revenue has doubled since living with Steve's guidance. It is certainly not a coincidence. It would be time and energy well directed to form a relationship with Steve. My life is one of abundance with him in it.”

Joe Pombriant

Alacrity Financial, New York, NY

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“In a 35 year financial services career, I’ve seen and experienced a number of coaching programs but none has blended the personal and business in the way you have. I am happier, calmer and more productive than I’ve ever been I attribute all of that to the work we’ve done. In a period of recession and great financial stress I’ve had the two best years of my career…”

Andy Rosenbaum

Financial Coach & Author of The Wealth Swing Coach

"Steve, as an entrepreneur who used to be a control freak, this is a lesson on how to be in 'control' in the healthiest way of the word and this, my friend, is changing my life. Your lessons on the natural laws of the universe have contributed to my self-awareness and compassion. This is a special gift that prior to our work, I had no idea was possible. This awareness has given me the unique opportunity to choose my thoughts on consistent occasions.

For example, with my employees, I am often frustrated with performance levels and in the past, would react with a temper. Now, I am learning to be inquisitive and provide clear and decisive direction and clear and decisive consequence. The approach is the difference between reacting (the old way) to a circumstance and creating (the new way) with clarity and solutions. The old me used to play roles, like an actor, depending upon where I was and whom I was with. In my personal life, I was intuitive, emotional and loving. In business, I was guarded and ruthless. The self-aware, higher version, the new me, is effortlessly one man in all circumstance. This has simplified my life and strengthened my self-identity, confidence and relationships. I have learned to love myself everywhere I go in a way that feels pure and timeless. I love and cherish our work together Steve. You have shown me the way home. I love you so much my brother."

Matthew Schwam

CEO, Holiday Image

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"I am so fortunate to have met you and indebted to Richard Pope for introducing us. 2013 has been my best business year ever. Your advice and coaching has been a big part of this progress. Your 1% better philosophy, focus on tier 1 clients and constantly striving to be in the spiritual realm are game changers. I practice the prosperity power hour, plan each day and read my intention statement as a habit now. My revenue increased by 40% in 2013 and my life insurance premiums doubled. I have qualified for President's Council with Guardian and made it in the PAS VIP top 100. I am also on track to qualify for PC in 2014 with all the business already submitted. Personally, my close friends and family have complemented me on the more relaxed version of myself and I tend to "envision the greatest, wisest and most magnificent version of who I am and work to actualize it". I would highly recommend all MDRT level producers to sign up for your program, if they want to take their business and personal lives to the next level. Look forward to a prosperous and enjoyable 2014."

Garrett Gunderson

Best-Selling Author of Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths that are Destroying Your Prosperity & Founder of Freedom FastTrack

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"My personal life has improved dramatically because I am more at peace with myself and those around me. My business, although already successful in its own right, has prospered in ways never imagined. So many doors that were never seen before are opening to reveal wonderful opportunities for my practice. Employing your teachings of positive energy flow and increased awareness of everything and everyone has created an uplifting experience and the clarity that the future for my practice looks brighter than ever. Yes, there are still the daily problems but they seem less consequential than before knowing that I can create an internal serenity to deal with them and bring that back to my staff and clients. These are not words, they are realities.

Your help with providing insights into broader thought processes have allowed me to refine a systematic business planning process. The addition of a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and the expansion of the practice to a national presence were a long term desire but for some unknown reason beyond my grasp. That desire has fast become reality and my staff is more in harmony even though we are busier than ever before.

This would not have been as possible without the insights I have learned from you. This is a very enlightening feeling. So my friend, I write this testimonial for you not to "sell you" to anyone but to say a heartfelt Thank You."

Richard Pope

President, Applied Financial Group, New York, NY

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“I would just like to comment on my experience with using the coaching program at Mission Driven Advisor. When I was first approached with the idea of working with you I must say that I was skeptical. What I did recognize was that I was at a point in my career going into my twenty second year that I couldn't afford not to try this as I knew there was something missing regarding the way I went about advising clients. What Steve & Raeanne have taught me has been mind boggling to say the least. I have fine-tuned my operation in the areas of Time Management, Relationship Building, Prospecting, & Proven Principled Approaches that all lead to a more fulfilling profitable practice. I have also worked harder on myself than ever before spending the necessary time each day to Meditate & fill my mind with Good Mental thoughts that really make a difference. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who feels they are not where they want to be in their careers or for anyone looking to get to the next level as I know this will be a life changing experience for you as it has been for me.”

Michael Bernabeo

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“The Enlightened Entrepreneur Course is outstanding. My life has become more enjoyable and I am contributing more to the people I work with in our business. Steve D'Annunzio has not only put together a great course, but his coaching and involvement is priceless. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to increase the quality of their life, as well as their business!”

Walt Cardinet

Chairman of the Board, Pacific Advisors

"I have been blessed to work with Steve D'Annunzio and The Mission Driven Advisor team for several years now and my experience has been amazing. They have created tremendous value in all aspects of my life. Their work has improved my spiritual life, family life, my health and my business. Their mentoring has allowed me to identify my Soul Purpose in life which has resulted in unbelievable productivity and profitability. I have never had more prosperity in life and believe my work with Steve and his team has been the catalyst. Steve is a world renowned teacher and author and his Soul Purpose is to help you identify yours!"

David Suckey

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"Steve, I have gained so much from the time that you and I have shared I could write a novel describing the importance our relationship and this time of study and meditation mean to me. Family, friends and associates comment on the changes they witness and this is a witness and testimony to me that I AM moving closer to the light, sharing and experiencing it's love in my life. I am so grateful! God Bless you my brother for living your soul purpose and sharing it so graciously with me."

Lisa Brown

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"Finding my Soul Purpose under Steve's loving and patient guidance felt like coming home. I spent a lot of years wandering in a wilderness of mediocrity, going down misleading paths and pursuing misguided goals, and I was often confused, frustrated, and fearful. After discovering my Soul Purpose I found peace, joy, confidence, and fulfillment. Everything just feels right, like all of the puzzle pieces of my life are now in place, working together. Steve has a natural gift, a piercing intuition for reading between the lines of my life and identifying exactly what steps I should take at any given moment. He is a true mentor in every sense of the word. I wish everyone could have the experience with him that I have been blessed with."

Stephen Palmer

Partner, Consultant, & Writer with KGaps Consulting

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"I just wanted to thank you for living your soul purpose in helping people like myself. As you're well aware; I've been in the insurance and financial services industry for the past 16 years, and this is the first time in my career that I truly understand my purpose in this world. Needless to say, my life and practice has changed so dramatically that words cannot possibly do justice. Blessings and opportunities are all around me. It's difficult to comprehend why all of these things are finally appearing, but I'm grateful nonetheless."

Bryan P. Maun


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"I recently attended a two day symposium of The Mission Driven Advisor led by Steve D'Annunzio. I have been exploring the arena of personal growth for more than 20 years and attended Steve's meeting without expecting to learn very much. Well, it was exactly the opposite.

Steve has put together a brilliant roadmap to uncovering and releasing the "power" that lies within us all. His approach is simple and allows each attendee to "discover" truths about how we all operate in the world. I discovered an access to truly choosing the path that I take in life; a path of my choosing, not my past, not my ego, not my history and not the same old, same old. Steve leads this program perfectly and connects with the entire audience. I had him do his training at my agency in 2009 and it was equally great. I have found peace, presence and profitability by doing this work."

Ronald Rosbruch

CEO, Strategies for Wealth, New York, NY

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"Your contribution to me has manifested in my life in numerous ways. I have a true sense of Self and, most importantly, compassion for myself. Our focus on nonattachment keeps me centered and focused on creating value and making a difference in another's life. As a result of not being driven by and attached to arbitrary production goals and dollars, I've also had a significant increase in gross income.

When we started working together, I was a lone advisor with one administrative assistant producing at Leaders Club level. Today, I lead a team of advisors, am partnered with a President's Council producer, have two full time support staff, am producing at President's Council level, and have a business that is well positioned for expansion. Your coaching and the Enlightened Entrepreneur program continues to be one of the most profitable business and life decisions I have made. Thank you for being such a HUGE contribution to my life. It is an honor to be your student."

Chau Lai


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"I was headed down a path of pride that would have stripped some of the greatest joy I have in life if I didn't meet Steve. The mentoring I received prepared me to be a father, and unlocked happiness, wealth, and purpose that was so elusive before. Before my mentoring sessions I was on a roller coaster, some days ready to take on the world, other days didn't want to get out of bed.

This all changed when I began meditating under Steve's direction. I was able to uncover my Soul Purpose and take bold moves in my business. Even though I was making a comfortable mid-6 figure income, I wasn't fully happy. Since, my company made the INC 500 list and I am a New York Times bestseller. I wouldn't have been able to handle the road to get there without the inner strength and connectivity to my creator that was opened up in my coaching with Steve.

Bottom line, better marriage, increased happiness, joy and peace. Was it worth it? You bet. I would have paid 10 times or really much more."

Garrett Gunderson

Best-Selling Author of Killing Sacred Cows: Overcoming the Financial Myths that are Destroying Your Prosperity & Founder of Freedom FastTrack

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Jenna D'Annunzio, MS, CBC, CLC, CPC

Jenna D'Annunzio,
MS, CPCLead Mentoring Advisor

A coffee enthusiast, profound lover of music and dance party extraordinaire; Jenna D’Annunzio is an accountability, life and business coach who also enjoys her dual role in supporting the company in all things operations. She has recently expanded her practice to support mothers through their birth and postpartum experiences as a doula! 

A firm believer that we are all life-long learners, Jenna has a bachelor’s degree in Education and History, a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in counseling and is a certified professional coach.

She is the proud daughter of CEO Steve D’Annunzio and beyond grateful to have been raised with the teachings and principles of Soul Purpose Institute and Mission Driven Advisor. Jenna’s passion and purpose are to guide others in becoming the happiest, healthiest, and wealthiest they can be; a stand for those on their journey to being the greatest expression of their higher self. Jenna lives in Rochester, NY with her husband, Ben, and the three lights of their lives – Addison, Everleigh and Theodore. 

I met Jenna in the Spring of 2019 while I was in the middle of dealing with several business and personal hurdles that needed to be overcome.  Having 27 years of experience in the Financial Services industry, I was continuing to make the same mistakes time and time again.  After talking with Mission Driven Advisor and completing a trial contract in the Fall of 2019 I jumped head first into the program in 2020.  After attending the January Symposium in Florida and having completed the first 9 months of my first year working with Jenna I am very pleased to say it has been "life changing". 

The Mission Driven Advisor program gives you the tools to move your practice and life from scarcity to prosperity.  This is the first time I can truly say that my business is driven by having my family and clients come first.  If you want to be challenged to move your practice and life to the next level, this is the place to do it!

Lee M. Daniels, MBA, CFP®, CExP™, ChFC, CLU, CASL

Senior Vice President, White Rhino Financial-Business Advisors

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I have had the pleasure of working with Jenna and the Soul Purpose Institute for 5 years and it has transformed the way I view my work as well as my life outside of work. I have developed skills and uncovered insights on how to better communicate with others and how to work smarter and not harder. Incorporating what I have learned these past few years has lead me to a more balanced, happier life. 

Christina Nguyen

MassMutual Financial Group

"Jenna, I want to thank you for being my advisor and coach over the last 12 months. I had the process in place, but it was the commitment to it that was lacking. You helped me immensely commit to my process. It has made life in the office so much more enjoyable, I feel better about myself and quite honestly I sleep better. By doing the Hard Easy, I am finding freedom through discipline and thus less stress in my life. Also, I enjoyed getting to know you; I enjoyed our conversations.

I am deeply grateful for your coaching and friendship."

John E. Mickey CLU, CLTC

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Bill Costello

Bill CostelloMentoring Advisor

Since retiring from financial services, Bill has remained involved by providing coaching & consulting services. His process allows people to release the fears that drive inadequacy & enable them to flourish and live their truth.

For nine years, he served as General Agent for MassMutual-Rochester where he was responsible for turning around this under-performing MassMutual general agency with offices in Rochester and Williamsville, NY. His core responsibilities included vision, structure and growth of the agency overall, including driving sales, recruitment, training, marketing, operations, geographic expansion and compliance.

Earlier in his career, at AXA Distributors he served as Vice President in charge of life insurance distribution. Before that, he was Managing Director and Assistant Managing Director. In this role, Mr. Costello was responsible for orchestrating the integration of Advest, Inc., into the AXA family of companies. At MONY, as Managing Director for the Mid-Atlantic States territory for more than five years, Mr. Costello was responsible for working with the company’s top 10 percent of producers to drive sales of life and annuity products. He is credited with consistently exceeding recruiting and production goals annually, as well as embedding in the organization the “Trusted Advisor” concept with CPA firms.

For a brief period in the late nineties, Mr. Costello was Vice President of Sales for a nationally ranked database marketing company where he was credited with more than tripling sales, taking the organization from $8M to $25M.

Very early on, Mr. Costello served as Managing Director of Prudential Financial in the Baltimore, MD/Hudson Valley, NY area, where from 1994 to 1997 he managed a team comprised of the top 10 percent of producers across a geographically dispersed territory. From 1988-1994 he was Sales Manager for the Rochester territory. He began his career in insurance sales as a Special Agent.

Raeanne Lacatena, LMSW, CPC

Raeanne Lacatena,
LMSW, CPCMentoring Advisor

Raeanne is a boy mom first — Bennett and Beckham bring her so much love and joy!   She married her loving, kind husband Joe in Punta Cana and together they love to travel and spend quality time to enjoy music, cooking, sunshine and being near the water.

Raeanne is energized and connected to her professional purpose as a Business, Life and Success Coach. She uses her keen empathic sense, powerful listening and communication skills to help other people strive to become the best versions of themselves.

She studied Psychology, Music and French at Ithaca College and then furthered her education at Columbia University to obtain her Masters in Advanced Generalist Practice and Programming.  She is also a Certified Professional Coach, a Reiki Master and is certified in the Emotional Freedom Technique. You will find her working in her home office with two dogs - Lady and Kata - on either side supporting and loving her, so that she can support and L.O.V.E. all of her clients!   

“I would just like to comment on my experience with using the coaching program at Mission Driven Advisor. When I was first approached with the idea of working with you I must say that I was skeptical. What I did recognize was that I was at a point in my career going into my twenty second year that I couldn't afford not to try this as I knew there was something missing regarding the way I went about advising clients. What Steve & Raeanne have taught me has been mind boggling to say the least. I have fine-tuned my operation in the areas of Time Management, Relationship Building, Prospecting, & Proven Principled Approaches that all lead to a more fulfilling profitable practice. I have also worked harder on myself than ever before spending the necessary time each day to Meditate & fill my mind with Good Mental thoughts that really make a difference. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who feels they are not where they want to be in their careers or for anyone looking to get to the next level as I know this will be a life changing experience for you as it has been for me.”

Michael Bernabeo

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Bob McAuliffeMentoring Advisor

An avid high-handicap golfer (whose dream is to shoot his age – with no intention of improving his game), Bob is a business, personal and accountability coach at Soul Purpose Institute & Mission Driven Advisor.

After retiring from a career in the financial services, investment banking and energy sectors, Bob now focuses on connecting deeply and serving his clients. His soul purpose is to be a loving presence in their lives, help them prosper and find peace. Bob has a degree in philosophy, and as a life-long meditator focuses on participating fully in life. Bob lives in Fulshear, Texas, with his soulmate Barbara. They are the proud parents of four adult children and nine grandchildren.

David BibicoffMentoring Advisor

David Bibicoff is a veteran of the life insurance and financial advisory business. With more than 18 years of experience in financial services, he has an innate ability to see what is not so obvious to others.

David has always focused his practice on macro-economic planning. For the last seven years, in addition to running his own personal practice, David also held a management position with Strategies for Wealth, one of the largest general agencies in the Guardian Life Insurance system. In that role, David coached, managed and conducted training meetings for what became a unit of 25 advisors.

Over the years, he has qualified for the Guardian Presidential Citation Award as a top manager for six out of his seven years in management. Having left that position to focus on macro-economic planning for his clients and those of other advisors, he now spends more time with his children, including coaching kids’ sports, as well as assisting other advisors enrolled in the Mission Driven &Wisdom Driven Advisor programs.

He is a graduate of University of Miami where he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration. Today, he works out of Rye Brook, NY, in Westchester County and resides in Westport, CT, with his wife and two young adult children.

Alicia D'Annunzio, CPC

Alicia D'Annunzio, CPCMarketing Coodinator & I.T. Supervisor

Alicia D'Annunzio is a creative visionary at designing marketing materials and campaigns as well as facilitating the technical ins and outs of the company’s online productivity tracking systems.

She is a co-founder of The Youth of Transformational Leadership Council, a Mindvalley University alumna, a psychology student and a certified professional coach. Growing up in the business, she has studied spirituality & personal development her entire life. Alicia leads most projects in Mission Driven Advisor where she applies her eye for creativity and focus to aesthetic design. She helps create symposium & course lesson materials. A resident of Rochester, NY, she is proud to continue her journey of discovery & personal growth with the MDA team.

Eliot SokalskyMentoring Advisor

Eliot Sokalsky has been working in financial services since 2005, focusing on educating medical professionals on the financial side of medicine. He grew up on the beaches in Southern New Jersey, moved to Southwest Florida and joined Alliance Financial Group in January 2008. He was brought in for his knowledge and experience in the medical community and in his performance in providing disability insurance products.

Eliot has regularly been one of The Guardian Life Insurance Company’s top 100 disability insurance producers annually, and has regularly qualified for Guardian’s Inner Circle and Advanced Disability Meeting. He has provided lectures to more than 200 residency and fellowship programs, and medical and dental schools. 

He completed undergraduate work at the University of Maryland, and completed graduate work at the University of Florida. He volunteers with the Lee Memorial Military Support Group, which provides assistance to service members in Southwest Florida. Eliot is also a board member of the Southwest Florida Gator Club, and enjoys exercising, particularly Crossfit and boxing, the beach, and all sporting events.

Eliot Sokalsky is a Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities and Financial Representative of Guardian.

John CammaranoMentoring Advisor

John A. Cammarano started his career with AAG as a registered representative in 1994 and has been successfully serving clients for the past two decades. He attended the University at Buffalo, where he majored in accounting and business management. 

John has received numerous local, regional and industry awards for his high levels of production and excellence in client service.  Since 1998, he has qualified annually for Leader's Club and the financial industry's more prestigious group, The Million Dollar Roundtable, and has achieved the higher level of Court of the Table since 2004.  John has also been an Equity Master's Winner since 1999 and appears regularly on WDCX, TCT Television and the Buffalo News.  

At the agency level, John has been recognized as an equity business leader since 2008 and the number one top quality producer since 2006. 

John credits his success to devoting his time, passion and energy to living his Worthy Ideal, which is to "Inspire and educate professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve their maximum life potentials both financially and consciously so they can accomplish their true desires and live lives of significance and purpose." 

Outside the office, John is a member of the Buffalo Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (BAIFA), the Men's Leadership Team at the Chapel at Crosspoint, AFA, PTC and the Let Them LOL Ministry to Sierra Leone. He has authored the book Sowing Seeds of Wealth* and is a Life Success and Business Development Coach with Empowered Mastery Consultants. 

John has been a lifetime resident of WNY and lives in Clarence with his wife and two daughters.

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