Climbing the Stairway of Selves

February 14th, 2022

by Richard Shuster | Feb 14, 2022 | Podcast |

Today our expert guest is Steve D’Annunzio, and he is committed to improving the welfare of humanity. He is an author and co-creator of many books, businesses, and artistic projects. 

Steve is the founder of Mission Driven Advisor and Soul Purpose Institute. While he’s worked with leaders of Fortune 500 companies and professional athletes, Steve is passionate about helping individuals from CEOs to students and everyone in between to identify their higher purpose and evolve their services into a business that’s powerful, purposeful, and profitable.

As a teenager, Steve faced a lot of troubles in his home life. He got in some legal trouble for selling drugs, and that led him down a path of early soul searching. Without pressure from any religious institution, he began exploring self-guided prayer and meditation. He eventually met a spiritual teacher from India that invited him to inquire about his life, who he was, and why he was here.

Steve designed something to explain why people are the way they are that he calls the Stairway of Selves. It offers 12 steps that each show key points where people can experience a breakthrough and move to a “higher self.” It shows you how to take the steps from our lower levels of consciousness to the higher levels of consciousness:

1. Victim
2. Fear
3. Desire
4. Anger
5. Entitlement
6. Pride
7. Courage
8. Reason
9. Acceptance
10. Wisdom
11. Love
12. Unconditional love

If you’re looking to move up the ladder, yourself, that starts with self-inquiry. Start by asking yourself: Who am I? When you decide who you are, you start telling yourself the truth. Then you ask yourself: Why am I here? Identify what you bring to the world. We all have our own unique talents we bring. And the final question is: How do I serve and who do I serve? Once you know why you are here, your unique talents, you need to look at how you are bringing them to the world and to whom. 

The Biggest Helping: Today’s Most Important Takeaway

“How do you serve? Who do you serve? When you know who you are, when you know why you’re here, when you know you bring that, why you’re here to people, the means with which you’re delivering that value and unique ability, and you know the people that you want to bring it to, I promise you things are going to roll for you.”

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