The Master Coach builds a relationship with the owner of the agency to determine alignment, beliefs, and clarity of the leader and the level of the buy-in from the management team, sales people and employees. A leadership metric is taken and the level of culture is defined on a scale of one to five, one being a fear-driven culture and five being highest, which is the growth-mindset culture. The master coach working together with the leader and management team uses the MindScan and other key metrics to realign roles and responsibilities, being sure to have the right people on the team and in the right seats. With roles and responsibilities, goals and KPIs set, the master coach and coaching team deliver an online or live presentation to the entire firm to get everybody on the same page. Individual coaching is offered for everybody in the firm with buy-in optional, but strongly suggested. When every member of the team reboots their passion, purpose and the pragmatic activities required with a growth mindset, everybody can live inside the profit zone of the prosperity paradigm. 

Features and benefits vary from firm to firm and are determined specifically by the coach and team leader.

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