Finding your Soul Purpose in the Age of Service

February 17th, 2021

You only have one life and you’re here for a reason. Your job is to find that reason.

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Are you trapped inside an inherited purpose – where you’re living in the realm of socially dictated ‘shoulds’? Or have you tapped into the freedom that’s available when you find your soul’s purpose? 

This episode’s guest is Steve D’Annunzio – a spiritual teacher who helps people access their higher self, so they can live more joyful, productive lives. 

Steve is the founder and owner of Mission-Driven Advisor, which works exclusively with CEOS of money management firms to help them identify their higher purpose beyond just the profit motive. He also founded the Soul Purpose Institute, which teaches students how to discover their life’s purpose and evolve their product or service offering into a business that is powerful, purposeful and profitable. Steve is also a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, which is an international thinktank for love-driven leaders.

Steve believes humanity is currently exiting the scientific revolution and transitioning into the age of service. As a result, new, empowering opportunities are opening up for us. We’re living in a time when we can monetize our passions – as long as they serve people – and in turn, live more purposeful, fulfilling lives. 

In this powerful episode, Steve reveals how you can find your purpose – and why it’s not as hard as you think to discover what lights you up.

In this electric conversation that goes down so many rabbit holes, Steve and I explore: 

What is a soul’s purpose and how does it differ from a human purpose?
How does passion play into your soul’s purpose?
How to change your relationship with the fear of leaning into your passions. 
The disproportional benefits of practising hard-easy. 
The role of ego when choosing between love and fear. 
The awakening of death and how it reminds you to live. 
Why resistance means you have something to learn. 
The power of learning what your chosen body has to teach you. 
The important difference between a passion and a hobby [and the spiritual reason for getting paid].
And more! 
If you’re ready to find your soul’s purpose and you’re ready for a deep-dive conversation into the opportunities available to you in this lifetime in your chosen body, tune into this beautiful conversation. 

With so much to contemplate, something deep is sure to awaken. 

What will it be for you… Click here to listen now!

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