Riding the Fourth Wave to a New Possibility

October 13th, 2020

By Steve D'Annunzio

Given how difficult this year has been, I wanted to share a historical perspective of the possibilities available to you right now, if you’re willing to ride what I call, ‘the fourth wave’. 

Humankind has experienced three evolutionary waves of growth. The first was the cognitive revolution, the second was the agricultural revolution, and the third, the scientific revolution. 

The scientific revolution has also been called the age of information. As we’re now learning, information without purpose is overwhelming and stressful. Exacerbated by the pandemic, racial disparity, and political tribalism, people are suffering from sensory information overload. We don’t need more information; we seek transformation…we want to go higher. 

I see us entering a new epoch; a fourth wave, called the Transformational Revolution ─ the Age of Service.

This wave explains why being Mission-driven gives you an unseen advantage. You move from only being transactional to transformational. It is an upgrade from selling to serving. People hate being sold but love to buy, especially when their purchase clearly enhances their lives. This idea represents an internal shift in human consciousness that will help us utilize technology as a gift rather than a curse. 

The age of service is not about giving up your career to wait on tables, nor about joining the Peace Corps. It is about finding your life purpose, identifying your passion and developing your ability to offer it as a value-add to uplift others. For some, it may be waiting on tables…if they love it and it fulfills their purpose. The same could be true for someone that loves working in the Peace Corps. It represents a means of minimizing your own suffering, given the difficult events of 2020, by helping others. This insight is a key feature of the transformational revolution ― you win because the people you served won.

To begin walking this path more powerfully, answer the following questions;

1. Passion ─ What positive life-topic do you love, that you have natural passion for?
2. Purpose ─ What value might others receive from your serving them in this area?
3. Profit ─ Could it create value to the degree that others would exchange money for it?

The answers you get from asking yourself these three questions offer guidance as to what you’re meant to do, what you need to know, and what you can become. You’ll access natural motivation and discipline without having to manufacture it. If you’re naturally passionate about something, there is plenty of internal energy fueling your ambition to study it and make it happen. That energy is compounded if your PASSION truly improves the welfare of humanity, which provides PURPOSE, and more motivation through societal encouragement. We gain energy from being difference makers. Because life in modern society requires money, the final driver is PROFIT─ it’s great doing something you love that helps others and earns money. Clarifying these factors compounds three key drivers that will help you live in the ‘sweet spot’ of your Soul Purpose;

The transformational revolution elevates human consciousness, using the power of intention inside of a new system of exchange called Conscious Capitalism.

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