It may be spooky season...

October 28th, 2021

Written by Jenna D'Annunzio

…but we all know that fear and worry can happen at any time. It’s a part of our biological make up. There’s actually a small part of our brain (the basal ganglia) that was created solely to survive; actively driving our fears, doubts and worries. It is the “fight or flight” response that REACTS to situations and experiences. This reptilian brain is the old guy on the block and one tough guy to manage sometimes. Whereas being reactive can be useful in some situations (like when we’re running away from ghosts!) more times than not it creates dysfunctionality within our world.

I see so often in my coaching, those who have been with me still struggling with being hard on themselves; getting frustrated that because they “know this” they shouldn’t be falling prey to their lower selves anymore. Guys! The reptilian brain isn’t going anywhere, it’s literally a part of our biology! I wish I could say we just get over it; that one day we’ll magically wake up and no longer beat ourselves up, or get angry, sad, frustrated, inpatient or annoyed. But life is a journey right? It’s about how we manage those fears, paying attention on purpose to the times that it may be useful to energize, versus the times when it’s not.

What can we do when it’s not useful? There’s lots of ways we can manage our lower selves and the first step I gravitate to is getting really present. Overwhelm, upset, anxiety…it can’t touch us when we focus on being present in the here and now, in time and space. Notice most of the time when we start to feel that way, it’s either over something that happened in the past or something that is about to happen in the future. Take a deep breath. Call a trusted friend. Go outside for fresh air and feel the sun on your face. Be intentional and remind yourself how truly great you are and that no matter what, everything will work out just as it’s supposed to. You’re on your journey; you’re learning every day.

Now my friends, I invite you to get curious. What works best for you?

Happy Halloween from our crew to yours! 

Coach J

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