Systematize Success in these Six Ways

January 20th, 2023

Written By: Jenna D’Annunzio

I am sure we’ve all heard the term New Year, New Me, right? Those obsessed with resolutions love to focus on the ‘new me’ part, but honestly? You don’t need a new you, you’re great! Like really great. Are there areas within your life that could use some improvement, sure! Isn’t there always, for everyone? So here goes a new way of thinking –

New Year, SAME YOU - just more efficient, intentional + productive. This is the kind of language that resonates most with being on the journey of what it looks like to be the very best version of yourself. Here are 6 habits that if you focus on mastering, as best possible, will help you to absolutely crush 2023. It starts with committing yourself to DO THE WORK.

 1.     Plug into your higher power every day – intention transforms thought into matter; when you intentionally choose to fill your mind with higher self/love-driven thoughts there is no wonder when it comes back two-fold.

2.     Track daily – winners keep score! We simply cannot evaluate what we are not measuring. There is always a scoreboard at every major sports arena; make it your business to track your daily activities.

3.     Move your body – there is no secret that with movement comes the massive improvement of overall wellness and health. Here is a great article to read more about just how and why movement is so crucial. Just Move!

4.     Read + Educate yourself in all aspects of life – do not fall prey to confirmation bias.

5.     Invite people into your offer with the intent to create value – this is the #1 reason why I see small business owner’s struggle. If you are not inviting people into your offer daily, with the intent to create massive value for them, how will you and your business grow?

6.     Creating tomorrows plan today – take 5 minutes at the end of every work day to check in with the following day’s calendar. Who are you meeting with? What does the day’s events look like? Does it include all of the 5 items above? If it doesn’t, make it your business to schedule it or it won’t get done!

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